Healthy Vending Machines Offer A Host Of Advantages For Both Your Employees And Your Business

If you are revamping your company's cafeteria services and breakroom amenities, vending machines may be a point of contention. They're convenient, but they're also known for containing nothing but overly salty and sugary snacks. But chances are that avoiding vending machines entirely won't go over well with your employees because that would force them to go outside the company property to find a quick snack, thus taking time away from projects.

4 Ideas That Will Make Your Upcoming Summer Party Spectacular

Summer may be a few months away, but it's not too soon to go ahead and start planning an awesome summer party. Whether it is to get together with some loved ones or to throw an after-school party, here are a few cool and entertaining ideas that will help ensure you and your party guests have a sizzling time: 1. Blow Up Your Cooler. One of the worst things during a summer party is running out of ice.