Healthy Vending Machines Offer A Host Of Advantages For Both Your Employees And Your Business

If you are revamping your company's cafeteria services and breakroom amenities, vending machines may be a point of contention. They're convenient, but they're also known for containing nothing but overly salty and sugary snacks. But chances are that avoiding vending machines entirely won't go over well with your employees because that would force them to go outside the company property to find a quick snack, thus taking time away from projects. One compromise is to replace all of your regular vending machines with those that offer healthy snacks -- and that can be beneficial not only for your employees' health, but also the well-being of your company.

Standing out From the Crowd

While most job seekers want to know about work duties and company culture when choosing a place to work, the perks that they could get on a job also figure into their decision to accept a job offer or stay at a company they're already working at. If you offer healthy vending machine choices -- containers of fruit, cheese, low-salt nuts, and yogurt, for example -- that could give you a reputation as a company that cares for its employees. Your company could be seen as one that is forward-thinking, understanding that employees are going to want the occasional snack but also that the traditional snacks of chocolate and cookies aren't the best choices for long-term health.

Healthy vending machines also come in sizes with bays large enough to hold milk cartons, large pieces of whole fruit, and sandwiches (these machines have doors that people pull open, rather than arms that push the items out, so the food won't end up damaged). The company that's handling your company's food service contracts should be able to show you models of machines that don't take up more room than traditional vending machines but that also hold these much healthier foods.

It's the Right Thing to Do

With obesity still such a hot topic in the United States and around the world, cutting back on calories, additives, and anything else that could contribute to widening waistlines is just the right thing to do. Yes, you can gain weight by eating too many healthy foods as well, but if you're going to allow your employees to snack, you may as well provide them with lower-calorie or healthier snacks like low-salt nuts and fruit.

Talk to your food service management company and see what options it offers. You want a variety of foods to account for differing tastes and dietary requirements, and the company can help you pick a range of foods that's narrow enough to fit in one or two machines but wide enough to make your employees happy.

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