4 Ideas That Will Make Your Upcoming Summer Party Spectacular

Summer may be a few months away, but it's not too soon to go ahead and start planning an awesome summer party. Whether it is to get together with some loved ones or to throw an after-school party, here are a few cool and entertaining ideas that will help ensure you and your party guests have a sizzling time:

1. Blow Up Your Cooler.

One of the worst things during a summer party is running out of ice. You have to take time out from your party to run down to the corner store and get a bag. So, instead, why not get a bag of balloons, fill them with water and freeze them the night before the party. You can then stick the balloons in a cooler or tub to keep your beverages cool. Plus, what's even better is that once the ice melts, you'll have plenty of ammo for a very impressive water balloon fight.

2. Blooming Ice Cubes.

For a more intimate summer party, you can create ice cubes with beautiful flowers in them. These are extremely elegant and sophisticated and make for a perfect summer party that is held in the evening with a group of close friends or loved ones. Just make sure that you choose flowers that are edible, such as dandelions, gardenias, honeysuckles, lavenders, and pansies.

3. Say No to Melted Ice Cream.

Ice cream is a very popular summer party component. However, it can get really messy when it melts in the summer heat. Luckily, there are some ways to prevent this. Grab your muffin/cupcake pan, insert baking cups, scoop some ice cream into each one, and stick it in the freezer until serving time. When it is time to serve, you can leave them in the baking cup or drop the scoops onto the plate or in the bowl.

4. Turn Your Watermelon Into a Dispenser.

Don't want a traditional punch bowl at your party? Or maybe you just don't have one? Whatever the case may be, consider bringing a watermelon to your party and turning it into a drink dispenser. You will first need to cut the top off the watermelon, as this will later be the lid to your "punch bowl". Scoop out the watermelon and put it into a bowl. Pour out any liquid that is left behind. You will then need a spigot kit that will contain a rubber ring, a metal ring and the spigot itself. You will cut the hole for the spigot, place the rubber ring, insert the spigot and use the metal ring to secure it in place. You then need a punch recipe that utilizes the watermelon that you scooped out.

When all else fails and you really want to blow your guests away, why not consider having your entire event catered or renting the local reception hall? Most people will never expect it and catering companies can often do an amazing job setting up a spectacular event that will be remembered for ages. Plus, you can still utilize some of the amazing ideas listed above whether you to throw your party indoors or outdoors. If you're looking for a reception hall to hold your summer party in, contact a company like McHale's Events & Catering for more information.