Shish Kacheese: An Amazing Vegetarian BBQ Recipe Anyone Will Love

When you are hosting a barbecue, there's a good chance you're cooking a whole bunch of meat. After all, that's what a barbecue is all about! However, if you have vegetarian friends you want to invite, you're going to need to create some variations for their palate. The following recipe replaces the meat in a shish kabob to create a vegetarian-friendly shish kacheese!

Picking The Best Cheeses

Obviously, when you're cooking something new like a shish kacheese, you want to avoid typical or bland cheese, such as cheddar. These cheeses are a little too "blah" for a great grilling experience. They are also more likely to melt, rather than brown, on a grill. Some of the best cheese to choose for grilling include:

  • Kefalotyri: a goat's milk cheese with a firm texture
  • Provoleta: very delicious, but prone to melting so make sure to watch carefully when grilling
  • Haloumi: a salty goat's milk cheese that is very firm and which browns very easily This salt-brined
  • Paneer: cow's milk cheese that goes well with just about any type of typical shish kabob veggie

If you're having a hard time finding these more exotic cheese, you may be able to substitute Brie. Unfortunately, you won't be able to grill directly on the grill metal, but instead on a cedar plank. Otherwise, it's more prone to melting.

Veggies Galore!

The most important part of any shish kacheese is choosing the right veggies. Much of this has to do with individual taste. However, some cheeses go well with other veggies. For example, kefalotyri tends to go best with red peppers and onions, but not so well with tomatoes. Typical veggies to include with a shish kacheese include:

  • Tomatoes
  • Red peppers
  • Green peppers
  • Onions
  • Squash
  • Fat carrots

The type of veggies doesn't matter too much, just as long as you offer a wide selection. That way, each person at the barbecue can make their own suggestions. While this may seem like it will take forever to finish everyone's food, don't fret: there is a great secret to cooking shish kabob and shish kacheese that will streamline everything.

The Great Cooking Secret

Now that you have your cheese and veggies ready, it's time to cook. However, with the more delicate cheese replacing meats, you need to be more careful about how you cook. You can achieve the best shish kacheese results by following this simple cooking secret:

  • Cut all of your ingredients into equal size blocks, from ¼ of an inch to ½ of an inch
  • Slide one type of food onto each skewer
  • Place the skewers on the grill and watch each type for browning
  • Remove a skewer when the food on it has successfully browned
  • Continue until you've removed all the skewers

Put all of the veggies and cheese on plates and hand them out to serve! This simple method does take the fun out of eating directly off of the skewer, but it will result in more evenly cooked veggies and cheese. It also ensures that your cheese just lightly browns, rather than burns or melts.

This amazing recipe goes well with just about any barbecue situation. So if you're anticipating vegetarians coming to your cookout, make sure to line up a few shish kacheese sticks for them. They'll greatly appreciate you taking care of their dietary preferences. And now you can dig in!

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