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Healthy Vending Machines Offer A Host Of Advantages For Both Your Employees And Your Business

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If you are revamping your company’s cafeteria services and breakroom amenities, vending machines may be a point of contention. They’re convenient, but they’re also known for containing nothing but overly salty and sugary snacks. But chances are that avoiding vending machines entirely won’t go over well with your employees because that would force them to go outside the company property to find a quick snack, thus taking time away from projects. One compromise is to replace all of your regular vending machines with those that offer healthy snacks — and that can be beneficial not only for your employees’ health, but also the well-being of your company. Standing out From the Crowd While most job seekers want to know about work duties and company culture when choosing a place to work, the perks that they could get on a job also figure into their decision to accept a job offer or stay at a company they’re already working at. If you offer healthy vending machine choices — containers of fruit, cheese, low-salt nuts, and yogurt, for example — that could give you a reputation as a company that cares for its employees. Your company could be seen as one that is forward-thinking, understanding that employees are going to want the occasional snack but also that the traditional snacks of chocolate and cookies aren’t the best choices for long-term health. Healthy vending machines also come in sizes with bays large enough to hold milk cartons, large pieces of whole fruit, and sandwiches (these machines have doors that people pull open, rather than arms that push the items out, so the food won’t end up damaged). The company that’s handling your company’s food service contracts should be able to show you models of machines that don’t take up more room than traditional vending machines but that also hold these much healthier foods. It’s the Right Thing to Do With obesity still such a hot topic in the United States and around the world, cutting back on calories, additives, and anything else that could contribute to widening waistlines is just the right thing to do. Yes, you can gain weight by eating too many healthy foods as well, but if you’re going to allow your employees to snack, you may as well provide them with lower-calorie or healthier snacks like low-salt nuts and fruit. Talk to your food service management company and see what options it offers. You want a variety of foods to account for differing tastes and dietary requirements, and the company can help you pick a range of foods that’s narrow enough to fit in one or two machines but wide enough to make your employees happy. For more information on food service management, contact a company like New Horizon...

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4 Ideas That Will Make Your Upcoming Summer Party Spectacular

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Summer may be a few months away, but it’s not too soon to go ahead and start planning an awesome summer party. Whether it is to get together with some loved ones or to throw an after-school party, here are a few cool and entertaining ideas that will help ensure you and your party guests have a sizzling time: 1. Blow Up Your Cooler. One of the worst things during a summer party is running out of ice. You have to take time out from your party to run down to the corner store and get a bag. So, instead, why not get a bag of balloons, fill them with water and freeze them the night before the party. You can then stick the balloons in a cooler or tub to keep your beverages cool. Plus, what’s even better is that once the ice melts, you’ll have plenty of ammo for a very impressive water balloon fight. 2. Blooming Ice Cubes. For a more intimate summer party, you can create ice cubes with beautiful flowers in them. These are extremely elegant and sophisticated and make for a perfect summer party that is held in the evening with a group of close friends or loved ones. Just make sure that you choose flowers that are edible, such as dandelions, gardenias, honeysuckles, lavenders, and pansies. 3. Say No to Melted Ice Cream. Ice cream is a very popular summer party component. However, it can get really messy when it melts in the summer heat. Luckily, there are some ways to prevent this. Grab your muffin/cupcake pan, insert baking cups, scoop some ice cream into each one, and stick it in the freezer until serving time. When it is time to serve, you can leave them in the baking cup or drop the scoops onto the plate or in the bowl. 4. Turn Your Watermelon Into a Dispenser. Don’t want a traditional punch bowl at your party? Or maybe you just don’t have one? Whatever the case may be, consider bringing a watermelon to your party and turning it into a drink dispenser. You will first need to cut the top off the watermelon, as this will later be the lid to your “punch bowl”. Scoop out the watermelon and put it into a bowl. Pour out any liquid that is left behind. You will then need a spigot kit that will contain a rubber ring, a metal ring and the spigot itself. You will cut the hole for the spigot, place the rubber ring, insert the spigot and use the metal ring to secure it in place. You then need a punch recipe that utilizes the watermelon that you scooped out. When all else fails and you really want to blow your guests away, why not consider having your entire event catered or renting the local reception hall? Most people will never expect it and catering companies can often do an amazing job setting up a spectacular event that will be remembered for ages. Plus, you can still utilize some of the amazing ideas listed above whether you to throw your party indoors or outdoors. If you’re looking for a reception hall to hold your summer party in, contact a company like McHale’s Events & Catering for more...

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Shish Kacheese: An Amazing Vegetarian BBQ Recipe Anyone Will Love

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When you are hosting a barbecue, there’s a good chance you’re cooking a whole bunch of meat. After all, that’s what a barbecue is all about! However, if you have vegetarian friends you want to invite, you’re going to need to create some variations for their palate. The following recipe replaces the meat in a shish kabob to create a vegetarian-friendly shish kacheese! Picking The Best Cheeses Obviously, when you’re cooking something new like a shish kacheese, you want to avoid typical or bland cheese, such as cheddar. These cheeses are a little too “blah” for a great grilling experience. They are also more likely to melt, rather than brown, on a grill. Some of the best cheese to choose for grilling include: Kefalotyri: a goat’s milk cheese with a firm texture Provoleta: very delicious, but prone to melting so make sure to watch carefully when grilling Haloumi: a salty goat’s milk cheese that is very firm and which browns very easily This salt-brined Paneer: cow’s milk cheese that goes well with just about any type of typical shish kabob veggie If you’re having a hard time finding these more exotic cheese, you may be able to substitute Brie. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to grill directly on the grill metal, but instead on a cedar plank. Otherwise, it’s more prone to melting. Veggies Galore! The most important part of any shish kacheese is choosing the right veggies. Much of this has to do with individual taste. However, some cheeses go well with other veggies. For example, kefalotyri tends to go best with red peppers and onions, but not so well with tomatoes. Typical veggies to include with a shish kacheese include: Tomatoes Red peppers Green peppers Onions Squash Fat carrots The type of veggies doesn’t matter too much, just as long as you offer a wide selection. That way, each person at the barbecue can make their own suggestions. While this may seem like it will take forever to finish everyone’s food, don’t fret: there is a great secret to cooking shish kabob and shish kacheese that will streamline everything. The Great Cooking Secret Now that you have your cheese and veggies ready, it’s time to cook. However, with the more delicate cheese replacing meats, you need to be more careful about how you cook. You can achieve the best shish kacheese results by following this simple cooking secret: Cut all of your ingredients into equal size blocks, from ¼ of an inch to ½ of an inch Slide one type of food onto each skewer Place the skewers on the grill and watch each type for browning Remove a skewer when the food on it has successfully browned Continue until you’ve removed all the skewers Put all of the veggies and cheese on plates and hand them out to serve! This simple method does take the fun out of eating directly off of the skewer, but it will result in more evenly cooked veggies and cheese. It also ensures that your cheese just lightly browns, rather than burns or melts. This amazing recipe goes well with just about any barbecue situation. So if you’re anticipating vegetarians coming to your cookout, make sure to line up a few shish kacheese sticks for them. They’ll greatly appreciate you taking...

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Losing Money Because Food Isn’t Cooking Right? Check The Stove’s Thermostat

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When you own a restaurant, your stove must be working properly at all times to keep from wasting food and losing money. If the thermostat is not working correctly, foods will end up burning or going to the table not cooked enough. At the first sign of under or over cooked food, check that the temperature inside the oven is at the temperature set on the thermostat. To do this, use a different thermometer inside the oven. If the reading is different from what you have the oven temperature set at, here are some steps to take to fix the problem. Check the Placement of the Thermostat The thermostat should be secured in the clips that hold it in place inside the oven. The oven was designed so that the temperature inside stays even and is correct when read at a very specific spot. When the thermostat is in a different position, even if just outside the clips, it will send an incorrect reading to the control unit, causing it to heat up or cool down accordingly. The temperature may be different in different spots in the oven, causing food to cook unevenly. Push the thermostat back into the clips and recheck the temperature with the other thermometer again to make sure the problem is fixed. Calibrate the Thermostat To calibrate the thermostat, you will need to work with the oven on and set to a low temperature. Using a spare thermometer, check to see what the temperature is reading when the oven indicates it has reached the set temperature, usually you will hear a beep telling you the oven is preheated. Remove the knob that sets the temperature. There will be either a screw or a disc that can be turned slightly to change the temperature. Make small adjustments and listen for the heating element to kick back on if the temperature was too low, or for it to shut off if the temperature was too high. Check the temperature again and adjust again as necessary. Change the Thermostat If you cannot get the thermostat to calibrate, it needs to be replaced. Unless you are familiar and comfortable with working with appliances, it is probably best to have a technician come out to do it. If you do decide to do it yourself, you will need to know the make and model of your stove to get the right part. Do not attempt to use a thermostat from a different type of stove or it may not work with the control unit in yours, even if it fits. Having an oven that heats to the temperature you set it at will save your cooks from having to remake food that was not cooked properly. Your restaurant will not have as much waste, and you will save money. You, your staff, and your customers will be happier. To learn more, contact a business like K & D Factory Service...

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After You Go Hunting: Making The Most Of Your Catches

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When many people go out hunting for wild game for the first time, they do not know what to do with their kills after the fact. Without guidance from a seasoned hunter, the meat from their kills may go to waste as a result of inexperience. However, to not let the meat go to waste, you need to learn more about wild game processing. Whether you choose to process the wild game yourself or have it done for you by professionals, understanding the process and the options will help you to better enjoy the fruits (or in this case, meats) of your labor. Aging Of Wild Game Meat Wild game meat is normally leaner than meat harvested from domesticated livestock. As such, this also means that the meat can be tougher than store-bought meat harvested on farms. To help tenderize the wild game meat, it usually undergoes an aging process. Aging involves keeping the meat at suitably low temperatures and controlled humidity to prevent bacterial growth and contamination.  The length of time the meat is left to age varies, but standard practice is 5 to 7 days, though some recommend upwards of 10 days for larger game and only a few days for certain birds. If you do not have a space large enough or the right equipment to control the temperature and humidity (such as a large or walk-in refrigerator), you can work with a local meat locker to age your wild game meat and help you with the entire wild game processing endeavor.  Wild Game Processing Options When it comes to wild game, there are several ways that you can process the meat for eating. Depending on the wild game you caught, you may be able to have cuts of meat much like those from a cow, chicken or pig. These can include cuts such as quail breasts and legs, rump or chuck roast, or loins. However, some parts of the body on wild game animals, or the animals themselves, do not lend themselves well to traditional meat cuts. In these cases, your wild game can be cured and made into summer sausages, sausage links, or other types of sausage. Summer sausage made of venison is a delicious change of pace from standard beef summer sausage, and deer or turkey jerky are also popular choices in wild game processing. If you are an adept cook that can make sausage and jerky, you can attempt this process at home. If not, however, many meat lockers will work with you to create unique sausages and jerky from the wild game you bring in.  Now that you know a bit more about wild game processing, you can decide for yourself is this is a task you would like to take on at home, or entrust to a local meat locker on your behalf, like Custom Butcher & Smokehouse. So, before your first hunting trip, be sure you have a plan for what to do with your kills so the wild game meat does not go to...

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